Party for the Planet 2022

May 2 ,2022

Greetings fellow green and otherwise most colourful beings.

Saturday, April 30,2022, although the day began in dramatic downpours, I had no doubt that this event was not to missed, rain or shine. Somehow, we all would manage ! The Party for the Planet comes but once a year!

Imagine my surprise to find a huge double peaked covered tent building on the plaza grounds. But it wasn’t until I actually went inside that I appreciated the vision and the energy of the event organizers. More than manage, they provided visitors with a fool proof community experience. Whether or not the weather, this party was ready for all of us!!!

In the following video ” A Tour – Part 1

you can see for yourself the expanse of the space, the variety of teaching and performing stages, the green displays and our local and regional nature stewards and green vendors sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.

For those of you who may have had other commitments yesterday, these videos Part1 and Part 2 are for you.

After leaving the party in the Big Tent, I made my way through a Cherry Blossom lane on my way to the bustle happening on University Drive. Once there, I was amazed how many more tables and displays and hands on activities were being provided for young and old alike. This party provided more favours than I was able to sample. This event was truly a first class feast!!!

You can see for yourself in the following video “A Tour- Part 2” how many more people and organizations were participating on the street. They deserved the favourable weather and fragrant cherry blossoms for all their efforts.

I remember growing up in Surrey in the 60’s, I have watched year after year as the city’s art , social and economic cultures have evolved. I feel like I have grown in so many ways with her.

I am proud to live in this community and to be a volunteer for the city of Surrey. I hope you and I can continue to participate in such meaningful and well organized events. Many thanks to those who made this event such a success!!